affiliate program

Do you want to make money with your website, blog or vlog? You can do it very easily. Sign up as an affiliate and start earning from your visitors today. We explain how it works here.

Dedicate content to Superblenders

The way you do it is up to you! You can dedicate a blog or vlog to sous vide cooking or about our products, you can write reviews about the technique or products, but you can also place links and banners in your corporate identity, so people will come to our page through your website. If all goes well, you know best how to play your customer.

Refer visitors to

Most important of your actions on your channel, is that the call-to-action is utilized. So make sure you send your visitors to our website so they can buy something from our webshop. Do you need our content for this? No problem: we will send you everything in the best resolution on request.

Receive 10% commission

For every purchase! Make sure you send as many visitors as possible from your website to us, the bigger the chance someone will buy something. Is your blog, review or banner successful? You will benefit from it!

What does the partner program offer you?

Commission payment + bonus
Your commission is paid monthly. After three months you can start receiving a bonus.

Professional support
You are never alone! The affiliate team is there for you every day to answer your questions and give advice.

Access to all our content
Get access to all Superblenders content to use in the affiliate program. You may also use the ‘exclusive’ – for most visitors not (yet) visible – content.

Am I eligible?

Superblenders’ affiliate program is for anyone with a website, app, blog or vlog. Some similarity between blenders and your target audience/core business is a requirement.

Want to know more or sign up now?

If you want to know more or sign up directly, please email directly for all the information.